My earliest childhood memories involve stories. The only babysitter  whose name I remember (among dozens) was the one who tucked me in with a made-up-on-the-spot tale, customized especially for me. I don’t recall much about the early years of school, except for story time. Some of those stories still resonate with me, decades later. And as the daughter of a movie theater manager (free movies!), I fell into the screen stories, often seeing those films multiple times, lying awake at night to replay the scenes in my head. It was a surprise to no one when I decided to become a high school English teacher, where I was able to ignite the love of story in my students. Since leaving the classroom I’ve been writing about stories, sharing the meaning found in them with the people around me. Whether those stories are found in novels, movies, or real life, they all have something to teach us. It just depends upon how we look at them.


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